About Max Hartshorn

Max Hartshorn is a freelance science writer living in Toronto. He first became interested in mad scientists during a trip to Bavaria in 1632, when a chance encounter with Rosicrucian cosmologist Robert Fludd turned him on to an elite body of esoteric knowle…well, you know the rest. While not pursuing his habilitation in the bleak, stone-laced abbeys of medieval Switzerland, Max enjoys gardening, traveling, and sketch comedy. He also writes for Torontoist, and his rasayana medical practice is certified in all three vedic mental states.

Contact him at: max.hartshorn@gmail.com! If you ask nice enough, he might just write for you as well.

7 thoughts on “About Max Hartshorn

  1. tillar

    Sorry to tell you so late, in last several month, I had translated 4 mad scientist into Chinese.
    I guess you could recognize them just by the pictures.
    It’s unprofitable.
    So, if I had your permission to translate rest of the mad scientists , it will be fantastic.
    And you are still updating them, that’s good.
    The time I decided to do the job, scientist’s gorgeous experimental ideas mesmerized me.
    As the once mentioned that the science history is not scientists know what they were doing, or where they were heading to.

    Ok, I talk too much things I don’t really get though.
    Anyway, I appreciate your work, hope you would endure the existence of mad scientists in Chinese—–癫狂科学家.

    I wish my poor English would be understood.

    Thank you.

  2. Max Hartshorn Post author

    Thanks 癫狂科学家.

    Yes! feel free to translate/post whatever you see on the site. If you could put a link back to this site somewhere in your posts that would be terrific.

    I try to update the blog once a month with a new mad scientist, and I should have a new post on CIA mind-control researcher Sidney Gottlieb coming out shortly.

    Feel free to email me directly with any questions.


  3. Mathew Schimpf

    If you possibly could create a business up sufficient, it’s respectable.
    You cannot manage a company by fear, because the strategy to eliminate fear is to avoid criticism. And the way to avoid criticism is always to loosen up.

    1. Max Hartshorn Post author

      I’m afraid you have it backwards Mr. Schimpf (if that is your real handle). The correct way to eliminate criticism is to instill fear. Indeed, many successful companies and business up sufficients are managed by fear and fear alone.

  4. smj

    good stuff you have here. i’ve been looking into the b.s. that berkeley, johns hopkins, and the carnegie institutions have been laying on the public the last century or so. e.o. lawrence (the atom smasher) and his homie from canton, nd, merle tuve both started particle acelerators programs at their respective institutions, needless to say they are both complete frauds. berkeley is the world capital of modern day alchemy; they literally “manufacture” new elements and give them silly names like lawrencium (atomic no. 103) or berkelium.

    berkeley’s house science-historian, john heilbron, lays out the hustle for those in the know in this little presentation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=skMvy2iJC1E

    his talk is entitled “big science and big bridges”, he refers to these frauds as ponitfex ( i think he meant pontifices, but whatever..) pontifex means bridge builder, you know like a priest or a pope. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pontifex_Maximus

    science is religion it seems.

  5. Kevin

    He was somehow connected in helping casinos . Some say he helps them to trick their clients . Have you heard about it?


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